We are Marko Vuorensola and Niklas Lilja. Plus you. Plus a select, lovely bunch of like-minded people, brands and organisations. 


We have chosen to spend our time, energy and skills to generate the biggest possible impact in our lifetime. That’s why we only take on a select amount of projects every year, focusing on long-term collaborations with long-term impact goals. 

Together, Niklas and Marko have decades of experience and achievements across three continents, working with the world’s biggest companies and nonprofits alike.


Together with our clients we have been fortunate to work with fantastic teams and it has resulted with multiple honors from most of the creative industry’s award festivals measuring effectiveness, impact and creative excellence from Cannes Lions to Effie’s.

The impact of our work can also be seen by achievements received from United Nations and European Parliament of which we are forever grateful. 

Our work has been discussed and featured in most major news and industry medias around the world and the impact extends into the educational realm, with several cases becoming part of curriculum materials across Europe, Japan, South Africa, South America, and Canada, reflecting our commitment to inspiring future generations.


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